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"Tiny furry creature or not, you should feel blessed to be seen with me. I can tough this out- I don’t need your illusions." 

{✘} » — “Oh yeah, you’re a true blessing. An absolute joy to be around. You got me, I can no longer deny all these positive feelings I’ve been trying to hold back. That’s got to be your best joke yet, senpai. But fine by me, suit yourself.”




"I wouldn’t let you anyway. I don’t need your pity help."

{✘} » — “Who said it would be out of pity? I’m the one who still has to be seen with you. It’d be more of doing myself a favor, honestly.”




"I’m not cute you toad. I’m a prince- don’t let my current fluffy exterior change anything. I will be sure to make up for the lost time that could have been spent slicing you into pieces.

{✘} » — “I don’t know, you look pretty cute to me. Plus, now you’re a fake prince and a fake mink. But, you know, seeing as I am an illusionist and all, I very easily could restore your original image until this wears off, but, nah. Not with that attitude. I think I’ll leave you like this.”




"I’ll be out of this in 24 hours, frog. Just you wait."

{✘} » — “That’s a shame, really. You’re almost kind of cute when you’re like this, Bel-senpai.”

"I can sure sneak around a bit easier but this is very inconvenient for throwing knives."

{✘} » — “Yeah, I can think of a few other things it’ll make inconvenient for you, too. You should keep the new look, I like it.”


{✘} » — “…Is it even worth asking what’s going on right now?
               Oh wait, I just remembered I don’t care.”


{✘} » — Finally, some much needed peace and quiet.
As one might have expected, never did exactly hold a reputation for being the most tame bunch in the mafia. In fact, to even say that they were rounded would be the understatement of a lifetime. In layman’s terms, all the more reason to get away when the opportunity provided itself—particularly when that one person had never wanted to become involved with such a group of blood thirsty barbarians to begin with.

Honestly, there were times in which the illusionist wondered why he chose to stay. It was without question that he possessed the skills and resources to leave if he truly desired to do so. And yet, for whatever reason, he chose to stay, even though it meant constant yelling, likely going deaf before he reached the age of thirty, and his favorite part, bearing the permanent mark of a certain prince’s plaything. Surely this hadn’t been the life his grandmother intended for him, that much was clear. But here he was, ten years down the line and a full fledged mafia member, and an assassin, no less.

Downtime was something they didn’t see much of, primarily due to their commanding officer’s insistence that they were never truly off duty—though, the legitimacy of such was still constantly debated among the other guardians. However, Fran harbored little care or interest in such things, and simply took it upon himself to leave rather than partake in such incessant bickering. Besides, the more time away from his assigned partner, the better.

He had made it a point to dismiss himself and go off on his own enough times that the rookie was fairly well acquainted with the layout of the areas surrounding the manor. The woodsy areas were dense, but quiet. Seldom an animal, let alone a person, was bold enough to step foot into territory belonging to the Varia.

Which made it all the more curious when someone appeared who actually was so bold, jade tinted lenses surveying the surrounding perimeter.


"You know, I never really did care much for hide and seek, it’s a pretty pointless game. So I suggest you, "come out, come out wherever you are," and state your intentions before I get bored and just end this before it starts."


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