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{✘} » — “Look at that, two months and I finally had the time to beat that 2048 game I downloaded on my phone. Go me.”


{✘} » — “I think I need to invest in some new reading material. There’s nothing worth watching and there’s nothing to actually do around this place, though, I am tempted to dismantle the stupid thermostat.”



For a moment she paused, watching him lower his head with brows furrowed. It was unusual…

"Bel?" she questioned softly, wondering for a second why. "I’m not sure if I can be of much help but I’ll try. You need to tell me what of him you want to know." Lifts her body and gives a quick pat to his cheek and a smile. "Wait a moment," she said before she went off for a moment.

{✘} » — Twin emeralds blink, peripheral vision still fixated on his mentor’s counterpart. In spite of the fact that one might mistake Mukuro and Chrome as twins (a joke he’s sure he’s made at least once), the girl always harbored a far kinder nature, from what he’d seen.

Involuntarily, his body stiffens at the mention of the blond’s name. She certainly knew how to hit the nail on the head, granted, it was a simple enough deduction. Who else referred to themselves in such a manner? "Don’t get the wrong idea," he abruptly voices, absentmindedly biting the inside of his cheek, "I’m not looking for that idiot because I’m worried or anything. …I just need to know he’s not dead." The latter part of his statement comes out as a mumbled, one hand raising to ruffle seafoam tresses. In spite of his words, her request for his patience is met with a small nod of his head and a near silent, "Thanks."

wrists, teeth, nose
Wrists: Have you ever been arrested?

He’s one of only three illusionists in the world capable of deceiving the Vendice, the boy knows how to make a clean getaway when it’s necessary. So, as of yet, no. Fran has never been arrested and fully intends to keep it that way, Mukuro has done a very thorough job of making sure his apprentice knows how to escape the authorities.

Teeth: What is your favourite meal?

Being the indifferent person that he is, Fran’s the type to simply shrug his shoulders when addressed with such questions. Food is food, it doesn’t matter all that much to him. However, he is partial to French cuisine. It reminds him of being back home with his grandmother all those years ago. 

Nose: What is your favourite scent?

Fran’s actually fond of the scent of vanilla. There’s just something sweet and warm about it and it puts him at ease for some reason he can’t quite explain. He has a small scented candle that he’ll often light while he’s reading before bed because it helps his focus.


I ran outside to shut off the sprinkler and my cat came prancing up to me meowing with a dead bird in his mouth and he tried to bring it inside. He seemed so proud of himself and I’m just, “Frank pls. Can u not??” I’m starting to understand the type of shit Fran probably has to put up with thanks to Bel…

(IC) Eyes, ribs, thighs/ (OOC) Bum, cheeks.
Eyes: What has changed from how you see the world now and how you saw it 5 years ago?

Fran’s perception of the world is, unfortunately, one that has yet to change much. He looks at things from a realist perspective, he’s seen what people are capable of and the cruel ways the world functions. It doesn’t help that this is also someone who had been kidnapped as a boy and was essentially forced into the mafia world that way. That said, over the years and through time with Mukuro as well as Varia, he’s seen some good also continues to exist in the world. It’s small, but it’s present. His outlook isn’t positive or negative—as with most things, he maintains a neutral standpoint.

Ribs: Do you have anything you want to protect?

While he will never verbally admit it, primarily because he doesn’t necessarily realize it himself, yes. Being someone who was dragged into the mafia world at such a young age, Varia and Mukuro are the closest things he’s had to a family that he can actually remember. And Fran’s feelings towards them do reflect that, because while he does make it a point to antagonize them constantly, were ill to befall any of them, it isn’t a matter he would take lightly. Fran places little value on his own well being, but he will protect his family, even though he will later develop some condescending excuse to cover up his real reasoning.

Thighs: Have you ever been unfaithful?

Unsurprisingly, Fran has never actually been involved with anyone. Love and affection are two concepts that he struggles with grasping and as a result, he’s never displayed much interest in either. That said, were he to find someone who was capable of opening up his heart, no, he wouldn’t stray from his partner. Though he may not seem the part, he’s a surprisingly loyal, dependable person. 

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Body Meme
  • Arms: How do you feel about children, do you want some of your own (or more if you already have some)?
  • Birth marks: Do you have a favourite tale?
  • Freckles: If you could, what would you change about your body?
  • Brain: What is something you want to master before you die?
  • Bruises: Are you easily hurt?
  • Bum: List 3 of your guilty pleasures
  • Cheeks: Are you easily embarrassed?
  • Chest: What’s your worst kept secret?
  • Chin: How well do you take criticism?
  • Clavicle: What is you favourite way to show and receive affection?
  • Ears: How often do you eavesdrop?
  • Elbows: How do you react to events with large crowds? (eg. Concerts, Shopping sales)
  • Eyes: What has changed from how you see the world now and how you saw it 5 years ago?
  • Feet: Can you dance well?
  • Fingers: Can you play an instrument?
  • Goosebumps: What scares you the most?
  • Hands: Would you rather make something from scratch or get it made for you?
  • Hair: What has been your biggest fashion faux pas?
  • Heart: How do you deal with heartbreak?
  • Hickeys: Have you ever fallen in love to fast and too hard?
  • Hips: Is there anything you over indulge yourself with?
  • Kidneys: What is your worst habit?
  • Knees: Who was your last crush?
  • Liver: What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • Lungs: Do you smoke, how do you feel about smoking in general?
  • Mouth: How often do you lie?
  • Nails: When you’re feeling vulnerable, do you become more defensive or do you take the offensive and lash out?
  • Nose: What is your favourite scent?
  • Palms: Do you have a secret handshake with anyone?
  • Ribs: Do you have anything you want to protect?
  • Scars: Is there anything you want to confess?
  • Shoulders: Would you rather be pampered or be the one pampering?
  • Spine: What is your biggest weakness?
  • Teeth: What is your favourite meal?
  • Thighs: Have you ever been unfaithful?
  • Throat: What is your proudest memory?
  • Tongue: How many languages can you speak?
  • Wrists: Have you ever been arrested?
  • Veins: What gives you the biggest adrenaline rush?


It had, in fact, been difficult getting ahold of his apprentice in the past few weeks. It hadn’t been an issue until now. Not with the time sensitive matter of Leonardo Lippi’s integration and transfer. This time, the mission would not be a simple one. 


Familiar laughter breaks the silence of heavy thought malingering to the point of discomfort. The frog had a strange way of cheering him up, despite the difficulty the child often presented to him… this natural born trickster. Perhaps in another life, this boy had been a deity like Loki. 

"I’ll have you know that my pride concerning your attention has nothing to do with this. It’s a matter of responsibility, which I don’t expect you to understand now.” 

The mismatched eyes drift back with ease, gaze lingering on the face of the younger illusionist. The boy had grown quite a bit, even in the last few months of training. Such potential would become useful when the time came. Not yet. 

"Won’t you direct me to XANXUS…? The adults have some things to discuss."


{✘} » — Rokudou Mukuro had always been a strange being, a enigma shrouded in the mist that he wore like a cloak. It was no wonder that this was the man who had been selected to pick up the legacy of the Vongola’s respective guardian. A man who despised the mafia and what it stood for so much, that he would work alongside them in order to tear them down from the inside.

His master was a demon, indeed.

It’s that bone chilling bout of laughter that grasps his attention and forcefully yanks it back to the realm of reality before he can become too ensnared by his own thoughts. In spite of the electric jolt it sends down his spine, it’s a sign that his words were successful in reeling back the persona that had become characteristic of the renowned illusionist. He would pat himself on the back for it, but likeliness of the other taking credit for it was too high—he had learned from the best, after all.

"Well, that’s good to know. Because if that ego of your’s were to deflate, what else would there be left to support the pineapple you call hair? It’d be a real tragedy, you know. Responsibility, though? That’s a pretty big word, Master. Are you sure you know what that means?"

Only at the mention of requesting to see the Varia boss does Fran genuinely look caught off guard for the briefest of moments. What business could he possibly have in speaking with that foul tempered man who refused to so much as acknowledge the present Vongola family head? He can’t even begin to imagine what his teacher is up to.

"I can try, though, the boss is pretty stubborn on the whole ‘not associating with the shitty Decimo and his shitty family’ thing. I’ll try talking to the Noisy Commander first, but…Master, what are you planning?"



Smiles slightly. “Thanks?” Suppose it was actually a compliment. Raises a brow at his words and actions contradicting each other, wondering who he was trying to fool. Chrome stayed silent about it though, fingers sliding over the edge of the table as she got closer.

"Tell me what to do and I’ll help. You’ll be able to go to sleep if you find it, right?"

{✘} » — "Don’t mention it." There’s a minuscule trace of a smirk as the younger’s eyes rolls in a halfhearted manner. She always had been different from the others and, even given her soft spoken demeanor, Fran found he could occasionally understand why Mukuro seemed to think so highly of her. 

It’s at the offer of assistance that his brow furrows, downcast gaze settling on the keyboard in front of him before he explains, "It’s not that simple." He takes a brief pause, mostly due to sheer disbelief of what he’s actually saying. "…I’m looking for a prince."


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